Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Feels Like A New Start

I was excited in February as I was approved for my first conference/business trip. Of all places to end up - Boston! I really like it there. I seem to be drawn to cities that preserve a lot of history (hence the uplifting feel of walking past the liberty bell everyday to and from work). I finally got to go last week. The Boston Marathon had just happened a week prior as well, so I was hoping there'd be some running excitement left in the air.

I was able to carve out time to go jogging along the Charles River Basin. It was great!! There were TONS of people out jogging too, and it was 6:30 am! It really is a running town.

Despite my ability to keep up with workouts (one every day I was there) - the awful diet did me in. My first day back home I went for a quick treadmill run and it took everything in me just to get through 5k. That's not really what I was hoping for. Yesterday I was able to get outside, and even then, my time was still lacking. It feels like I'm starting over again (ok, not really, because at first 2 miles was a helluva challenge) and it's kind of disappointing. I'm in no way defeated, but I was really hoping to shave at least 26 seconds off my last 5k time in the next one that I have coming up. I still have a couple more training weeks, so here's to hoping it starts getting better.

So... even now, I am unable to find ANY photos that were taken at the Spring Zing 5k. What a total bummer! I really wanted to update with a photo. I suppose it will have to wait until the next one. I'm working on suckering Greg into coming to the next one too so he can take photos this time.

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