Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Race #2!!

My second 5k is this upcoming Saturday. I'm super excited for it. My mom is going to be there with the kiddos. Greg has yet to decide whether or not he is coming. It will be sad if he doesn't, but that will mean I sleep at my mom's and she's only 5 minutes from the race. If he does go, I can definitely say that I'm not looking forward to waking up the kiddos at 7:30am to get ready (my house is full of relatively late sleepers - all but me).

I'm bummed because the outfit I had planned in my head did not work itself out. I'm having an issue with women's running tops. They're all too fitted. I wouldn't mind if I was walking, but when I run it slides up above my belly fat and doesn't go back down. That would be awful to deal with on race day. I ordered a men's tank (like a tee shirt with just the sleeves cut off), but when I put it on I totally looked like a man and it made my arms like big. No thanks! Guess I will just be in something I already own, but it will not be red, white, and blue for Memorial Day weekend as the race urges. :(

I have been getting the chance to be outside a lot more often now. Since sunrise occurs between 5:30  and 5:40 now timing is perfect. I've been able to get in an extra half mile just by not having to drive to the gym. AND I'm not missing my train to work :)

I was toying with the idea of trying for a 10k this fall. I decided to see what a longer run would feel like this past weekend and went out for a 5 miler. It felt great! A little slower than my current pace (but not a ton slower) but I didn't feel dead half way through it like I was afraid I would. Now I'm toying with the idea of signing up for the Philly Half Marathon in November. This would give me time to focus on my strength training now (I want to be a bit more secure in my upper body strength before the mud run) and then I can focus on training for a half. I was shocked when Greg told me he thought I could do it! I really expected him to tell me I was reaching for too much too soon. I'm going to revisit this thought after the mud run and will just silently obsess over it until then.

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