Thursday, May 10, 2012


So I went out for my run again this morning before work. It was just as hard (if not harder) than it was two days ago. I'm starting to think maybe it's the hills, but I'm not sure what is "typical" and what really constitutes as "hill work". I've included a graph below to show the elevation of the current route.

It's challenging to me, but running just about any distance is still challenging to me. I'm going to snoop around the internet to see if I can find myself some answers.

The next race I'm scheduled for gives me this to go on:

I'm guessing the biggies are somewhat equivalent, but I'm just used to doing the hills in the beginning. I just remember going into the first 5k with maybe 2 days experience outside (and a huge lack of hills at that), and the thing I remember most is thinking how much more difficult it was to do compared to all the treadmill running I've gotten used to.

Going from treadmill to outside has made me gain about one and a half minutes per mile to my time. I'm getting discouraged by it but realize it'll only get better the more I do it. Some days though (like this morning) I feel like I'm just meant for being inside and running in place.

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