Thursday, April 26, 2012

Had My First Race!

So I finally got to do it! I had my first 5k race! I'm a little surprised that offical times and pictures have not been posted yet. I was going to wait to write this until I had them, but at this point I know that I won't be back to the blog until Monday the earliest and my brain doesn't hold on to things for long anymore.

It was a gorgeous morning. It was in the 70s I think. My girlfriend texted me early that morning and surprised me by letting me know she wanted to attend my first race. This was great! It gave Greg someone to talk to while waiting for me and her kids are close in age to mine, so they got to play on the playground with friends :)

I was sad at the starting line. Desmond was so overwhelmed with the three playgrounds the school had that he would not walk over to the starting line with me and give me a kiss. Since he didn't want to go, Greg obviously had to stay with him and couldn't come over to get any prerace photos of me. Even though I was a bit sad, it was still exciting nonetheless.

Since it was at a school, there were HUNDREDS of kids running the actual 5k, which made for a crazy first mile. They would fly past you, stop suddenly and then once they regrouped with their friends they'd take off like a bat outta hell again. So all the stopping and swerving seemed a bit much, but the kids definately made you smile and brought a positive energy with them!

I don't know why, but I expected something flat; maybe because it was a family run, so to me that equates to easier. It's not that the hills were really steep, just that they were long. Sometimes I didn't really notice until it hit me how tired my legs were getting. I'd turn around and notice that I was slowly going up hill.

I also started out too fast for myself, but there was something to want to keep up with the initial rush of the crowd, though the crowd seemed to die off around a half mile. I kept pushing, my first mile was just over a 10 minute pace. After that my gps lost satellite :( Now I know just how dependent I am on that thing. I walked way more that I'd ever "allow" myself if it was on, because I know that I can push it through the mile, but now I had no idea when that mile was up. I took 4 walk breaks in the last two miles, when typically I'd allow myself two. It didn't seem to hurt me too bad. When I crossed the finish line the timer read 37 mintues and change. I'm pretty happy with that for a first official race, but really want to know what the change was! lol

I texted Greg when I was about .1 -.2 miles away from the finish line. He never got my text! :( So I crossed the finish line with no one to greet me or take my picture, but I'm over it now. It hurt like hell when crossing the line though. There's always next time (fingers crossed!).

So this is why I have no pictures and I'm impatiently waiting for them to be posted online. Since it was a fundraiser they had a raffle. We won one of the baskets! I got a call yesterday to come and pick it up. We put tickets in a couple baskets so I'm not sure which we one. I'm only working a half day today so I will be picking it up after work. Will definately update with what goodies we won. I plan on asking someone when everything will be posted when I stop in. Hopefully I will have pictures for my next update!

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  1. Congrats on your first official race! Its exciting isn't it? I have gotten so used to my family being there at my races its really hard when they aren't! I have been lucky enough that hubby hasn't actually missed me. But, he has missed pictures, and he most certainly never cheers for me. But, thats okay.... as long as I know they are there it helps!

    Sorry they missed you this time, but next time hopefully they will catch you. I always tell my husband "I plan to finish in X, be there 5 minutes before then" hah!

    Hopefully you won something fun, cant wait to hear about it! I plan to get that virtual run post up today sometime.. man life gets in the way of blogging!