Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Found a Race!

So I finally found a good 5k to make my first race. It's a charitable run for a nearby elementary school. Since it's at a school it's geared towards families and kids. My kids won't need to be bored waiting for mommy to run the race. They'll have the school playground to keep them occupied. Afterwards there's a free buffet, dj, face painting, auction, and other activities for the kids. I'm super excited!

I did notice a downfall though. I was totally negative in my thinking this morning while running. That I am too slow, that I'm too accustomed to the treadmill and there's no way I'll make it outdoors. I started out stronger than usual this morning, which means I needed an extra walk break during the last mile. This was failure in my head. However, I'm pleased to say that it was my fastest run (that was longer than a mile) to date. Overall I had a 12:05 pace. So, I don't know if this negative mind monster is a good thing or bad thing. It challenges me, but I hope it doesn't get destructive.

I actually started getting comments about my weight loss. It only took 23 pounds to get there. I received nice words from my old boss yesterday (a feat in itself), and a super nice girl at the gym I've been chatty with was exclaiming how well I've been doing. It feels good to hear. I also think my husband is appreciating it, which is a big motivator, though I don't expect him to come out and actually say it.

I think the next time I go clothes shopping I may be trying on a size 16. That will be a nice feeling. Hopefully then I will only have about 20 or so more pounds before I hit the 12 I want. It will be nice to not have to shop at over-priced plus-size stores!

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