Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Goals and Plans

I have been having a blast so far this spring/summer working out and running. It is certainly paying off physically too. I have been approached by numerous people at the gym who I do not know telling me how great I look and how I've been motivating them. What amazing things to hear!!

I've been super excited about the fact that I have signed up for my first half. While I'm outgoing, I'm not terribly amazing at asking for things (especially at work). I was telling Greg how I was thinking about asking the owner of the gym we go to if he'd sponsor me for the race if I wore one of his shirts with something about starting 2012 at 270 lbs and relatively inactive and look at me now running my first half. He said that he doesn't typically like to do stuff like that since he feels that he needs to do it across the board for everyone that asks, but he has noticed how great I've been doing, and that it is a great accomplishment and he will definitely be doing something for me. Greg thinks he might give us a month free membership (which is slightly more than the entry cost of the RnR half), so that would be a-ok in my book!

I've always been a long term planner and it's starting to come out now. I'm already forming goals for 2013, 2014, and 2015. Insane, I know, but it's who I am. There's also a chance it will change 5 times between now and then. So my current in-head timeline:

               Sept 2012: First Half-Marathon
               Aug 2013: First TriAthalon
               Jan 2014: First Marahon (fingers crossed)
               Oct 2015: Ironman

I know I'm getting waaaay ahead of myself. But it will definitely keep me focused and motivated.

The only problem I'm having is over doing it. I was EXHAUSTED this morning. Like my alarm went off and I was like my kids when they stay up too late. I was walking into everything. Too exhausted to keep my eyes open but I grabbed my running clothes and headed to the bathroom to start my routine. I could barely stand up straight on the scale. I headed back into bed and fell back asleep. I must have been tired because that NEVER happens. Once I'm up I'm up and nothing can get me back down. This is the first morning that I haven't been out the door to start my morning with a workout since the 13th. I know that it's ok to take a day off, but I'm having incredible self-loathing and guilt about not doing anything this morning. I passed three runners on my commute in and all it did was make things worse. I don't know how to not be a head case. Any pointers would be welcomed!!

In non-headcase news I made my first weight goal this week. I am officially 230 pounds! I've lost 40 since January. My next weight goal is to lose 15 more. Then I will be the weight that I was when I walked across stage to receive my high school graduation. What a thought!! I would love to make this goal by the time the half rolls around. I do think that this is entirely doable as it's just about 1 pound per week. After that I only have one more weight goal in mind. I'd like to end at 195. This takes me out of the obese bmi category (into overweight, but I don't want to be in normal range, I'd like to have more muscle mass than that). Greg and I both think that I ought to have the skin removal surgery when the time comes. I'm already nutty about how I look now. I was never self-concious before. My body (while large) was round and smooth. I didn't mind that. I do mind this droopy, wrinkled, old lady skin. I don't feel young looking at myself. I think planning wise, I'd be looking to do it after the Disney race in 2014. Then I'd get a few months of recovery and have about a year to train back up for the Ironman.

Sorry for the novel, but this is bound to happen when I don't get on enough for shorter more frequent updates!


  1. January Marathon in 2014 - I like the looks of that... sounds to me like the awesome Marathon I am planning! :) That would be awesome. Long term goals are great!

    I have gone back and forth on surgery, I am terrified of doing it but I want to be pretty. And, everyone else is doing it... but I am petrified of the complications and thats not even going into the costs associated. :(

    If you are that exhausted I would definitely consider some rest days - i only run 3-4 times a week. You may also want to look at diet to make sure you are getting enough calories and nutrients.

    You are doing awesome, keep sticking to it!

    1. It shouldn't completely sound like the one your are doing. Maybe just 2/3 of the one you are doing! I'm going to make you a sign that says "Keep Up Nikki" and attach a cookie to it to pin to the back of your shirt. Nothing says motivation like cookies :)

      I'm not terribly worried about surgery. I've been put under a couple times for procedures already and live right by an amazing hospital. I think of part of it as wanting to be pretty, and the other part thinking I'll be that much better with it gone. I don't like running fast because of the flapping, noise, etc. so it's hindering my performance. Heh... though I'd come up with more excuses too if need be.

      I think I'm just exhausted from lack of sleep. I eat a lot, and mostly good stuff to. Today's diet was banana when leaving the house, egg whites with broccoli spinach, mushroom, and onion with one piece whole grain toast for breakfast at work. 4 ounces grilled chicken breast topped with black bean mango salsa, 85 gram steamed sugar snap peas, and 1.5 servings of bulgar wheat/quinoa mix with garden veggie seasonig. I'm making meatloaf (turkey with oats instead of breadcrumbs) and baked sweet potatos and mixed veggies for dinner and yogurt before bed. Lots of food. For workouts I run 3-4 times a week, lift 3 days, and sometimes throw in a group class. But I typically only get 5-6 hours of sleep a night and that's with waking up once to help Nora into our bed. I just can't figure out a way to get more that would not equate to 7 loads of laundry shoved into the weekend, and a totally gross kitchen.

      Thanks so much for the kind words! Thank goodness running is enjoyable, otherwise I'd be at a loss. I thought by now I'd trick myself into liking weight training, but I still don't.

  2. DUDE - I can't believe I am just now seeing this... so Sorry! Psh, by then you may be running circles around me, you are getting faster and I am slowing down. And, honestly if you do it, depending on your pace it might be fun to run together!

    I've been put under several times too - but for some reason I am still ridiculously afraid. I have anxiety disorder and it definitely makes me worry about things. Between that and the wound infection I got after my c-section I worry about the healing. If I am honest, I want it mostly to look better. The side effect of not having the bouncing while running would be awesome though.

    5-6 hours a sleep isn't much, I know I struggle to get much more than that myself. Your food sounds excellent, do you use any tracking websites? I use MFP and its made me more accountable but you are eating better than me! :)

    I meant to ask you if you had any suggested recipes for quinoa? I am new to it and not sure how to use it outside of a few recipes I found on pinterest. I am terribly limited because there are alot of veggies that I don't like - but I am trying to be more open minded.

    And, I am still bummed about not being able to get to Philly to run your first half with you! Would be so fun!