Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Here Goes Nothing...

Attempt #2!!

New year, new start, correct? I hope so!

I had an absolutely great 2012. I had started the year with a resolution (first year I ever did that) to run a 5k. I blew that clear out of the water. I was able to complete: 9 5ks (PR 30:15), 1 10k (PR 1:10:31), and 3 halfs (PR 2:26:18).

So far my 2013 race calendar looks like the following:

Jan 5 - Racing in Winter Runnerland Virtual Half
Feb 16 - Fireside Frostbite 5 Miler (still toying with this one - need to see if I have someone to watch the kids)
Mar 16 - Rock N Roll DC Half
May 5 - Broad St 10 Miler
May 19 - Pocono Marathon
Aug TBD - SheRox Triathalon
Aug 24 - Warrior Dash
Sept 15 - Rock N Roll Philly Half

I would really like to run a sub 30 5k this year as well. I'm guessing in June or July I'll look for some 5ks in the area when I don't need to keep my running mileage as high. I'm super excited for the tri, mostly because I'm so damn intimidated by the swimming part. Not only is it something I'm not good it - it's going to be in the dirty dirty Schulykil River. I think I will cover myself in body glide or something that makes me feel like bacteria and disgustingness isn't sticking to me!

I'd also like to lose 9 more pounds before marathon training. Ideally it would be 4, but I'm going to try and push myself for an extra 5 so when they sneak back on during training I'm not too upset by it. I've got my training schedule all typed out and I'm aiming to start the last Monday in February. I will post it (if I'ms till blogging by then) when it gets closer. In the mean time, I'm just going to keep on chugging.

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