Monday, January 7, 2013

Pain in the...

Knee. My flippin knee.

I had runner's knee a few months ago, so I started taking glucosamine and some other ultimate joint supplement. Totally worked. Knee started feeling so much better - and the funny clicking sound even went away!

Then the bottle ran out - and I was too lazy/cheap to go get some more. My knee has been troubling me with a vengenance. Went to GNC instead of Vitamin Shoppe (since there's none by my job) and they sold me some crazy vitamin/supplement pack for $50 (one month supply). It hasn't done the trick yet, but it's only been like 4 days. I'll give it a little longer. Until then ice packs and biofreeze for the win!

I completed my first half of the year! Kept it under 2:30 (barely) so I'm stoked about that. I would like to not creep above that ever again. I'm sure the holiday pounds helped a lot. Though - there almost gone now! I've got about 2 pesky ones still lingering. Hopefully I can shake them (and a few extra) soon. Thouggh - with the way our schedule is looking - there will be lots of temptation.

This Friday is the holiday party for Greg's part-time job. I know he wants to go. I'm on the fence of getting a sitter to go with him. It'll save us money if I stay home with the kids (and it'll save me calories too) - but I think it looks better if I go, and part of me kinda wants to go. Saturday is then my girlfriend's 30th bday dinner and party (party will consist of drinking and cards against humanity - I can't even try to tell myself I can dance off the calories I'm ingesting), the following weekend is another 30th bday party, with Greg's gig the weekend after that (and I will be drinking and dancing at that!). That brings us into Feb already with no temptation free weekends. Ugh... wish I had will power.

At the party we were at this past Saturday there were two other people there that had lost 50+ pounds this past year. It was awesome getting to chat with them. Jen was telling me about the Cerebrun that will be this April and asked me to join her team. I absolutely want to say yes! A mental mud run? Hell's yeah! Plus, I would love to get to connect more with some of our friends (ya know - more than the 1 - 2 times a year I currently see them). Downsides: a 17 mile training run that should already be occuring that weekend (which I think I can mix around and get out earlier in the week), and it's 5 weeks before the marathon. Can I really risk a mud run 5 weeks before? Once if I twist my ankle or something? It's something to consider. I'm going to see who else is joining her and just how competitive they want to be. If it seems like we'll be walking a fair amount of it anyway, I might just do it.

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