Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Vacation!!

Greg and I both took off last week from work. It was so nice to spend so much time together as a family. I don't think we do enough sometimes because we're so busy. We didn't go anywhere amazing. The kids had received ticket booklets to Gillian's Pier in OC, NJ for Christmas so we rented a house about a half mile away (so we could walk) for a couple nights.

In addition, we hosted a bbq, went to 3 birthday parties, spent a day at Sesame Place, and Des attended his first Tae Kwon Do class. It was definitely some busy days off.

With all the fun comes all the food. Honestly, I did not try very hard to limit myself. When I wanted to indulge I did, but I never took it too far. I was also able to get a lot more mileage in than usual. I got roughly 26 miles in for the week. That's my best so far! I know that it certainly helped warding off some pounds. Of course, not all pounds. So I'm back at the same 238 I have been for about 4 weeks now.

Yesterday was the Color Me Rad 5k in Philly! It was totally worth the $17 I paid on groupon to participate! I would love to see groupon post more races!!

We all had a blast! It HAD to be my fastest 5k yet. It was so fun going through the color stations (even though they backed up, so I didn't get nearly as colored as other individuals since I didn't want to wait in line), that I didn't take a single walk break. First. Time. Ever. It was awesome. I completed the 5k before the last wave of runners even left. The last wave was scheduled for 8:20 (my wave was at 8:00), and there's NO way I ran sub 20, so they must have been running late. I'm bummed that it was completely untimed. I wish that they would have at least had a clock going at the finish line for me to have an estimate, but nothing! I didn't wear my garmin, because I wasn't sure what the powder would do to it, and it took me at least 20 minutes to find my family so I couldn't even check my phone for a ball park finish time. Oh, well. Such is life! The kids had a blast playing in the powder and throwing it at runners. I couldn't get a happy picture with them, because they didn't want to stop throwing the "paint balls" as they called it.

I have another race scheduled for tomorrow, which may be the most challenging course yet. I heard from a friend that it is super hilly. We'll see how that goes. Greg is thinking about running it too. It would be his first 5k. I told him he might want to pick something less challenging as his first. I really don't want to see him get discouraged right off the bat. I would love to have someone to run with (even if it means finding someone else to watch the kiddos while we run). He's already made it clear 5k is his max he has no interest in anything longer than that.

Which brings me to....

My first HALF-MARATHON!! :) Scheduled for Sept. 16, 2012.  I have been thinking a great deal about doing the Philly half in November. But November and December are seriously my busiest time of the year with work. I put in up to 60 hours some of those weeks, with all the holiday crap going on in my personal life. It's rough, and I don't think that I want the pressure of my first half going on during that time.

I've been able to get through 6 mile runs recently without much problem. My biggest problem is finding the time for long runs. Now I will just have to make it work. I have a little training schedule that I have set to start the day after we finish the mud run.

I'm hoping that this keeps me focused through the summer. After that I will need a new focus!!

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